Day 25: Chocolate Ganache Bundt Cake

I decided to end the 25 days of baking challenge with a bang, so what better way than with a cake? A chocolate cake to be exact. We have family coming in tomorrow… Continue reading

Day 23: Gingerbread Cookies

I’ve always thought of gingerbread cookies being something you decorate or build houses with, but never actually eat. I decided that it seemed like a staple Christmas cookie so wanted to try to… Continue reading

Day 22: Fantasy Fudge

This weekend I was in Florida with my family and was lucky enough to learn how to make my favorite fudge of all time from my grandma. Every time she hears I’m coming… Continue reading

Day 21: Mint Cheesecake Brownies

Brownies are probably one of the best desserts ever. I knew after the oreo truffle brownies I made earlier that I wanted another, but I also wanted to make something cheesecake so I… Continue reading

Day 20: Sugar Cookies

Everyone knows Christmas baking season isn’t complete without your basic decorated sugar cookie. For sugar cookie dough you can either roll the dough out, roll into a log shape, or do what we… Continue reading

Day 19: Peppermint Bark Cups

Okay, after this one I really can’t choose a favorite! These were so so so good! The bottom layer is basically a ganache and the top layer is hardened white chocolate complete with… Continue reading