A Little About Me

Sydney here…

I am currently a recent grad of the University of Georgia with a degree in Journalism-magazines. I am now working in Atlanta as an Associate Editor and Producer of a newly launched website.

I’m a Pittsburgh native in the sense that both my parents and whole family are from there, but I was born and raised in Georgia. So throughout my years I’ve had a bit of an identity crisis in deciding whether or not to identify as a Northerner or Southerner. For now, I’m choosing to embrace the southern-ness around me and see what the ATL has to offer, because, although I grew up only 40 miles outside of the city, I feel as though I am more familiar with NYC than I am with this city.

During college I interned in New York City for 2 summers with both iVillage and Cosmopolitan.com. I never fully came out of my New York state of mind and will probably end up there again someday. But for now, I’m ready for whatever life is ready to throw at me and can’t wait to see where I end up : ).

In my free time I foster golden retrievers and am waiting for the right time to rescue a pup of my own. I’m DIY project obsessed and super pin-happy aka Pinterest addicted. It’s what gives me all my inspiration after all ; ) And of course I’m baking…a lot!

Feel free to leave comments. They’re always fun to read! Enjoy!