Day 9: Chocolate Glazed Donuts

IMG_4725One of my biggest guilty pleasures is the chocolate cake donut with chocolate icing on top from Dunkin. It’s super thick, so so soft and the icing on top is ON POINT…soft and creamy. It can make anyone’s day better. And if you’re reading this and thinking, hmm doesn’t sound THAT good, then you need to go right now, try one, and then come back to me.

I regress. Ever since I got my donut pan back in August, I have wanted to recreate those wonderful chocolatey donuts. So far I had only used the pan twice to make pumpkin donuts. But last night was going to be the day. I searched Pinterest for chocolate cake donuts and found so many recipes, but decided on this one.

Instead of the chocolate icing, these would just have the glaze, which is 2nd best.

Before we go any further though, I have to let you know…Sadly, they did not taste like Dunkin, BUT, if you take away that expectation, they were quite delicious! We can think of these as the healthy version, since they’re baked. Everyone knows the more unhealthy it is when it comes to sweets typically means the better it tastes. Isn’t it funny how that works?

IMG_4727-1 1/4 cup flour
-1/2 cup sugar
-1/3 cup cocoa powder
-3/4 tsp. baking soda
-dash of salt
-2 eggs-1/2 cup milk
-1/3 cup sour cream
-1 tsp. vanilla extract
-3 tbsp canola oil

For the glaze:
-1 1/2 cups powdered sugar
-3 tbsp milk
-1 tsp vanilla

1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
2. Beat eggs, milk, sour cream, vanilla and canola oil in a bowl until combined.
3. Whisk together flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking soda and salt in separate bowl.
4. Combine all ingredients, beating together.
5. Pour batter into donut pan until 2/3 full.
6. Bake for 8 minutes.
7. Cool in pan for about 3 minutes until transferring elsewhere to cool. This will allow you to make your second batch!
8. Once donuts are fully cooled, prepare glaze by combining powdered sugar, milk and vanilla…mixing until smooth.
9. Dip donuts in glaze and place on pan or rack for glaze to set.

I just dipped the top part of my donuts to avoid mess, but if you want it all the way then go for it!

This made 15 donuts.

Things I would change next time: I would change up the glaze–it tasted like it needed just one more thing. I’d also add mini chocolate chips to give the donut itself something extra! All in all though–success! Let’s just say it’s a good thing I have a Pure Barre class on the schedule for tonight because I also have about 10 donuts that need eating tonight! ; )