Day 6: M&M Oreo Cookie Bars

IMG_4704Yesterday my mom came home with some baking M&Ms and told me I should bake something with them. Challenge accepted, mom. I looked up M&Ms on Pinterest, found this recipe on Averie Cooks and the rest is delicious history.

By the way, since I mentioned that I used baking M&Ms, I thought I’d let you know: there isn’t anything that makes them different, it’s just that they are mini M&Ms, which can sometimes be better for baking. The more you know!

I used Oreos and M&Ms in my bars because it’s what I had, BUT feel free to make your own variation of them. When you’re dealing with chocolate and bar cookies, there really is no wrong. I think trying these with PB M&Ms would be fantastic, or maybe some chocolate covered pretzels.

Speaking of using oreos…I realized that it’s only day 6 and I’ve already used oreos in half my recipes. I don’t hear anyone complaining though, so this might become a trend. As far as I’m concerned, if I could only have 3 baking staples it would be: chocolate (duh), peanut butter and oreos. Last year when I started 25 days of baking, I discovered how great they are for baking. Take the oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookie or oreo truffle brownies for example. Easily 2 of my favorite recipes.

But let’s get started so you can have some bar cookies of your own to drool over! ;)

-1/2 cup butter or Crisco, melted
-1 egg
-1 cup brown sugar
-1 tbsp vanilla
-1 cup flour
-18 oreos (or another cookie of your choice)
-1 cup M&Ms (I used mini baking m&ms!)

Steps: IMG_4702
1. Preheat oven to 350.
2. Melt your butter (or crisco) in microwave.
3. Combine egg, brown sugar, vanilla and melted butter together.
4. Whisk until smooth.
5. Add flour just until combined.
6. Break up oreos and stir them in. (I used a plastic baggy and rolling pin).
7. Scoop dough into 8×8 pan, spreading it out evenly.
8. Sprinkle M&Ms on bars and press into the dough.
9. Bake for 25 minutes.

Note: if you do use Crisco, pay attention to the fact that 1/2 a cup of Crisco is half the stick, whereas half a cup of butter is a whole stick.

Thank goodness my mom took these to a Christmas party she went to tonight or else I’d probably have eaten the whole pan by now. I was able to get my fix and send them on their way. That’s the goal this year. I vow to finish this 25 days of baking challenge without gaining a single pound!

But to everyone else out there who isn’t baking every day for 25 days straight, when you make these, INDULGE.

Oh and if anyone tries out a variation besides M&Ms and oreos, let me know how they turn out! : )