Skip Carving and Paint Your Pumpkin this Year Instead!

IMG_4429Carving is so last year. This year everyone is painting pumpkins! Painting can give you more room for creativity since it’s hard to be super intricate with carving sometimes, but also: they tend to last for a really long time! I’d lovIMG_4492e to say that I crafted these cute guys, but I have to give credit where credit is due, so shoutout to my sister Kelsey and her friend Maggie for painting these fabulous pumpkins! I’m hoping to paint some pumpkins of my own this upcoming week, but in case I don’t have time, I wanted to feature these for anyone out there who still needs an idea of what to do with their pumpkins. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to blog this until after I saw how great they turned out so there aren’t pictures of the process, but fear not–it’s not too complicated!

Here’s what you’ll need:
-spray paint for your base coat-paint and brushes for the details
-hot glue gun


1. So, they decided on a cat and bat as per some Pinspiration found here:
2. First, lay out newspaper and spray paint the pumpkins completely black.
3. Then, use assorted colors to paint on the faces and little details of the cute duo.
4. While they dry for a bit (the spray paint dries rather quick), sketch out some wings and a tail. (They have patterns on the site if you need them, but I was told sketching them out wasn’t too hard!)
5. Once the pumpkin is dry-ish, use the hot glue gun to glue on your wings and tail.
6. Voila! You have cute pumpkins that are sure to get the trick-or-treaters attention come Halloween time (and for months later!)

If you think I’m kidding about the months later part, last year my sister and her same friend painted Mike Wazowski and Sully from Monsters Inc., and I’m pretty sure they were around until after the New Year looking like new! They turned out awesome as well.

IMG_2319 (2)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  UPDATE: I IMG_4507did have time to paint a pumpkin of my own! I’m obsessed with owls so found a really awesome painted owl pumpkin here: and drew inspiration from that. : ) It would have been nice to have paint pens, but I made do with a small brush to add the details!


Happy pumpkin painting! (And be sure to share pictures of your creations!)