The Cooldown Dessert: Oreo Pudding Pops

Wanna make a fun, new, refreshing-for-summer dessert in only 10 minutes? If so, you’re in luck because I have just the one for you: the pudding pop!

Think fudgsicle and pudding combined.

Although our Georgia summer this year has been mild, don’t be mistaken: it’s still Georgia and it’s really stinkin hot some days, SO I’ve been trying to find desserts that don’t use the oven and that are nice to cool down with for when you come inside from the 90 degree heat. This one did just the trick.

Now don’t think I’m crazy, but I’m really not a huge Oreo fan. I’d take a chocolate chip cookie any day, but when it comes to baking I LOVE using Oreos. It’s a baking staple in my pantry.


pudding pops


What you’ll need:
-1 5.1 oz chocolate instant pudding mix
-1 5.1 oz vanilla instant pudding mix
-6 cups milk
-1/4 cup Oreos crushed (but really, just crush until your pudding looks like it has enough oreos for you!)
-popsicle molds


Let’s get started!
1. Mix the chocolate and vanilla puddings according to the package. Keep stirring until it looks like pudding (it’ll be very liquidy at first, but keep on whisking on!).
2. Crush up your oreos (I just crushed mine in a ziploc baggy), and then mix these into your 2 bowls of pudding.
3. If you have an icing bag for this next step, awesome, but if not, a spoon will suffice as you get a spoonful of each of the flavors, filling up your molds. We tried to rotate with 3 layers so that some of the pops have 2 layers of chocolate, 1 of vanilla and vice versa. However, a lot of ours ended up swirly (like the pic above), which was delicious just the same.
4. Transfer your popsicle molds to the freezer and freeze for 3-4 hours.

That’s it!

This dessert is awesome because it is the epitome of an easy, quick dessert. You can prepare this in advance and the best part is, once it’s prepared you don’t have to do anything else! It just sits in the freezer until it freezes and you’re ready to indulge.

*Tip: when they come out of the freezer, try running the mold under warm water for about 10 seconds to make it easier to pull the popsicle out. Ours did not want to come out!

Enjoy your pudding pops! :)