Sunday Funday DIY Project: Jewelry Holder

If you’re interested in doing a DIY project, but don’t know where to start, then try this! This project is something you can use on an everyday basis and is SO cute with so little effort!

Bonus: it cost under $10, takes 20 minutes max and requires very few materials!

IMG_3912Ever since the pallet coffee table I’ve wanted to get started on another project ASAP. This time I went for something a little more simple, but something I’d been wanting for a while: a jewelry holder. Before this, I just had 3 nails staggered on my wall where I hung up my necklaces…BORING. So I headed off to my first adventure ever in Hobby Lobby. I will definitely be paying a trip back there for when I get my place: they had old birdcages, trunks and all kinds of knick knack decor, which I loved! But back to my mission: I was there for knobs. I looked them up before I went and saw HL definitely had the best deal on knobs and a great selection. Home Depot has knobs, but they are more “practical,” rather than “decorative.” Anthropologie has no shortage of decorative knobs, but you’ll spend about $18…per knob. No thanks! I was pumped when I saw that all of Hobby Lobby’s knobs were 50% too. I should’ve stocked up, but I’m sticking with one project at a time, so I picked out 3 I thought complemented each other well. Only $7 total and the only thing I had to buy for the project!

What you need:
-piece of wood
-cute knobs
-paint if you choose
-drill, nails, hammer

Here’s the how-to list, be amazed at how simple this is!IMG_3891

1. I still had a few boards left from the pallet coffee table, so I eyeballed what I thought would be a good length and shortened it down to about a foot with a hand saw. It depends on how many knobs you have–I had 3. I decided to just go with the bare wood look and sanded it down a bit, but if you decide to paint it you can do that too!

2. Next, I used the drill with a pretty skinny bit for making 3 holes somewhat evenly spaced apart. Again, just eyeball it. The glorious thing about DIY projects is nothing has to be perfect, sometimes it’s even cuter when it’s not!

IMG_38933. The knobs screwed right in. Now, when buying I wasn’t paying too much attention to the back of my knobs, but you’ll see that the middle one actually has a screw head, so you could just screw that right into the knob, the other didn’t and they ended up being a little long, sticking off the back. This is okay and not the end of the world, but it would cause your board to lay a little bit off the wall, so my dad stepped in and used his saw that cuts metal to shave a bit off the end. Moral: if you can get the one with the screw head that would be preferable and make things a little easier!

4. Then I used some twine, attaching 2 nails to the back and wrapped a double strand of twine around that, so there’s something to attach the board to the wall with!

5. Hang a nail in the wall and your jewelry board is ready to be hung up!

If anyone does decide to make one, be sure to send pics so I can see the cute knobs you chose!IMG_3909