Summertime and City Livin’

yankees game

Greetings from NYC!!!

After a few suggestions to my boyfriend Sam that we should make a a vlog this summer and a few less than eager shoulder shrugs, I realize from his lack of eagerness paired with my lack of motivation that if I wait any longer not only will we not have a vlog, but no blog either! So here goes!

Let me fill you in a bit: so last summer I interned in NYC (at NBC’s iVillage) and was determined to go back this summer. I’m here, so mission accomplished! Landing an internship is hard work and takes a lot of planning. Just ask my boyfriend, who I sent about a million checklists on what we needed to do to apply, or my mom, who I had revise my resume probably 10 times. Anyway, I’m basically a pro at internship hunting now and have an account on pretty much every website that even has the word internship in the title, so if you ever have any questions I’m your girl! Maybe this will be worth a post one day on tips and tricks for how to land internships…hmm. But anyway, all our hard work paid off because Sam is now interning at MTV this summer and I’m at Cosmopolitan AND iVillage!!!

We’ve been here since the end of May and it’s been nonstop excitement ever since I stepped out of that plane. I’m pretty sure I haven’t felt fully rested all summer as we flip this city inside out discovering great things as we go. We scored an awesome sublease in Midtown East and take every opportunity to explore the neighborhood. I feel like I know the city so well now. Last year I had a pretty good grasp on it, but this year it’s just all so familiar. I know I got a late start, but I want to be able to write about June and July in a little bit of detail to fill in on things we’ve been up to! I’ll write a new post in the next few days about June and then one about July, that way you have something to look forward to!

Also, I’ve gotten to do some writing while being up here this summer, so look for links to those as well! I hope everyone is having an awesome summer, and stay tuned!