Relaunching: whatsydneyhastosay 2.0

It’s been almost exactly a year since I last wrote. I scrolled through my last few posts and noticed they share a trend: they all start with something along the lines of, “I’m back!” or “Sorry it’s been so long!” I’ll cut to the chase this time, skipping all apologies for not blogging, and make a promise that my blog shall be abandoned no more.  NO MORE. Now, I’m starting my blog anew. 

If you know me then you already know that I want to be a journalist, and if you didn’t know that, well now you do. Yesterday in my Editorial Writing Class we had a speaker from talk to my largely senior class (stress on largely, I’m the only junior). Our speaker talked to us about how it’s important to get our writing out there, no matter what type. She stressed the importance of having a personal blog and all I kept seeing in my head the entire time she spoke was “whatsydneyhastosay,” with cobwebs strewn across the title and everything else in black. My blog has been lost out in the vast darkness of cyber space for the last year, but now I’m back because “all journalists should have a blog” according to my motivating speaker. All I needed was this little push.

Another thing that was stressed is to write about things you care about, not necessarily what you think other people will want to read. If you care about it then someone else does too and people will read it. Plus, being a writer, it’s nice to have somewhere to chronicle thoughts and share writings that you have done so you can look back on them (and hopefully gain loyal readers in the process!).

Think of this all as somewhat of a pledge against my disappearing. Be prepared for an array of topics because I’m starting this not as a “cooking blog” or a “traveling blog” but instead as a, whatever I possibly want to talk about, i.e. a personal blog.  I can’t promise I’ll have the most enthralling things to say or that I’ll have things to write about every day, but hopefully I’ll be able to grab some people’s attention along the way :)

Until next time…which will undoubtedly be shorter than last time!