“The World Spins Madly On.” -The Weepies

First things first, the new season of Amazing Race starts in a few minutes!! I’ve been obsessed with this show since middle school when my mom, sister and I used to always watch it. I like it just because it doesn’t get old. Still the same idea each season, but they’re always off visiting different countries and seeing different places. It would be cool to go on this show, but I don’t think I could do it with some of the heights things that they have to do. Heights and I just don’t mix, it’s like a crippling fear. I don’t think it’s something I can help. That’s why me going to the top of the CN tower this summer and standing on the glass floor was a big deal. Literally almost peed my pants I was so nervous.

My roommates and I are a little late into the game doing this, but we decided that once a week we’re gonna have “roomie dinner” where we make a meal together and all eat it. I’m sure tons of roommates always do this, but we are all on such separate schedules that a lot of times we’re lucky to even be in the kitchen at the same time for dinner! Our first week was spaghetti and meatballs/meatball sandwiches, then breakfast for dinner and then we had mexican theme with enchiladas. Who knows? Maybe I’ll start to enjoy cooking now or something! I’m definitely more of a baker. Here’s pictures of 2 of our delish meals.

Let’s see, what else? Oh, Spring Break has been planned/booked!! We decided to move on from the beach, which is what basically everyone does during Spring Break and we’re going to take a journey up the East Coast on the megabus. We’re starting in Charlotte and then going to D.C., Boston, New York and Pittsburgh. I’m pretty much beyond excited. Only 3 more weeks!!! We’re staying in a hotel in NYC too and I’m especially pumped for that. Since we’re going to be walking around a lot and won’t have a place for our bags in D.C. we have to only take one so that we can have it with us the whole time. We’ll see how good I am at packing all my stuff into a backpack! Guess I’ll have to surprise myself. Tons of pictures will be taken on this trip I’m sure, so expect a slideshow when the trip is done. I’m going to take my new journal that Kelsey got me for Christmas and I’ll write down cool things that happen everywhere we go!

Amazing Race is starting…gotta go!