“I Feel it in the Air, the Summers out of Reach.” -Don Henley

I got the call for my apartment today! I can pick up my keys tomorrow (technically today I guess.) AHHH!!! I’m so excited! I still have SO much packing to do though so I may not be picking them up until Friday. Oh well though, soon enough I’ll be in Athens and that makes me happy. This weekend is gonna be awesome–being reunited with Athens/friends AND my birthday! All I have to say is LOOKOUT!

Tonight I saw Friends with Benefits and I have to say: Justin Timberlake, you are not on my shit list anymore. Maybe that’s a little harsh. He wasn’t on my shit list per se. I don’t know why, but I just never really cared for him/never really saw the appeal. I figured it out though and I think it’s because I don’t like his music. However, I’ve seen 3 or 4 movies with him recently and I do like his acting. I’ve heard he’s great on SNL as well.  This movie  had tons of New York scenes AND flash mobs, which made it cool. Bucket List: Be in a flash mob. OH, they also had a scene on the Hollywood sign. News flash-no way could you have a “party on a Hollywood sign.” Hot Chelle Rae, you gave me false hope. Tonight Tonight-Hot Chelle Rae

As for updates on Sydukkah: I got the next Pretty Little Liars book. I totally read these books way before the show came out and before anyone had heard of them, just sayin. I don’t watch the show, but the books are a good, light read full of scandal and mystery. Then, we went out to Carrabbas for my birthday dinner. Carrabbas is one of those restaurants I go to like once a year, maybe twice if I’m lucky. It’s just so expensive, but I love it. They have the most delicious warm bread and then you dip it in this amazing tasting oil. It’s like one of the only restaurants where my usual picky eater self goes away and I branch out.  I had the Sicilian chicken noodle soup and then the Chicken Marsala. Mmm, I’m so hungry!!

I got Spotify about a week ago and I have been listening to so much music lately. Florence + the Machine, City and Colour, The Strokes and Avett Brothers have been on repeat. I need music suggestions; any music lovers out there that stumble across this, share with me! I love hearing different bands that people like that I haven’t heard of. Heavy in Your Arms-Florence + the Machine (the music video is kinda creepy) is one of my favorites right now as is Kick Drum Heart-The Avett Brothers.

Speaking of Heavy in Your Arms, there was a dance done to this song on SYTYCD last week!  I don’t usually watch this show, but since being home this summer I always find myself in the living room with my mom when it’s on. This routine was one of my favorites. Maybe the song choice had a little to do with that, but the dance itself was really good too.

Alright, next time I blog I will probably be in my new apartment. I’m sure I’ll be posting pictures once I have everything all set up. :) YAYYYY!!