“Just because everything’s changing doesn’t mean it’s never been this way before.” -Regina Spektor

Who can resist that face?! This is Hannah. We’ve only been fostering her for a day and I already want her (that’s probably not too hard to believe).  So far she’s had a rough little life. She’s only 2 and has been through 3 different owners and undergoing heart worm treatment currently! I think it’s crazy how some people treat pets as being disposable. However, if people are not willing to give them the love and care that they need and deserve, then I am glad that they give them up so that they can have that shot elsewhere. All I know is, someone awesome better adopt her!

Yesterday was the first day to the start of “Sydukkah.” Basically, my birthday is in a week so my family has been giving me a present each day until then–thus the name “Sydukkah.” This is the first year we’ve done this. It was my sisters’ idea. Let’s hope this becomes a tradition! So far I’ve gotten this super awesome picture to hang in my apartment, a really awesome owl ring and a giftcard to get movies! What is it with owls? Guess I like my owl jewelery, because I have quite a few things of it. Random fact, if you didn’t know, I am obsessed with rings. They are “my thing.”Even though I’m trying to avoid it, as I’m sure many of you are as well, summer is coming to a close (for my sisters it already has) and the school year is unfortunately beginning to stare us all in the face, no matter how hard we have been trying to avoid it. I have mixed feelings about this. I want to be back in Athens for various reasons: football games, downtown, new apartment, roomies, etc. but I would prefer if the school year waited…forever to start. Unfortunately, I don’t think my parents would pay for me to go live in a college town to party everyday without being enrolled in classes, I can’t imagine why not–it would be nice. So then the other part of me is content just being here at home, because this way I know the school year is still a little far off. Sigh…my feelings are conflicted. It’s almost hard to enjoy the last few days of summer because I spend them dreading school. I need to live in the moment and realize my summer isn’t over yet! Normally I make “Summer Bucket Lists,” but this summer it kind of fell on the wayside. Too bad, I would’ve been able to cross off some things! Maybe I’ll make one for this upcoming school year, if I do, I’ll be sure to post! That is one of the summery-est pictures I took this summer since I never made it to a beach. :(

I started packing up my boxes last night. It wasn’t too bad, especially because I never really unpacked them to begin with. Heck, I still have my suitcase packed from my Pennsylvania trip. Yep, that was a month ago, talk about procrastinating. I keep wondering where some of my clothes are and then have to dig through my suitcase to find them. I decided that at this point it’s better that they just stay in there so that they’re all ready to go to Athens. Oh the joys of not caring about being messy. I still have those few little things left that I need to get. It’s different being in an apartment this year because I need little  things like a spatula, a broom and a lot more cleaning supplies than I did in the dorm.  Cleaning the dorm consisted of running a wet wipe across dusty surfaces every now and then. I guess another Ikea trip is in store for me before I’m off for Athens. I’m definitely okay with that!

As for move in date, it’s still undecided. Our apartment originally told us when we signed the lease that we would more than likely be able to move in earlier than the official date, which is August 13th and that we could call and they’d let us know. Well, I’ve been calling the past few days asking if they were ready yet and finally the girl told me that I probably don’t need to keep calling back because they will definitely be calling me back once it’s ready. I took the hint and I decided I won’t call back…until Wednesday if I haven’t heard anything. I don’t want to wait until the 13th to move in! Hello, that is the day right before August 14th, a very special day on calendars everywhere. MY BIRTHDAY! ;) I won’t be able to have a party if we’re just moving in that day + it will just be nice to get in there earlier to be all settled for classes and stuff anyways.

My new obsession: Sleeping Sickness-City and Colour                                                                 This is probably my favorite by them. I spent the past few days listening to all of their stuff on Spotify (coolest discovery ever! It’s like itunes+grooveshark COMBINED!) and I have yet to come across one song I don’t like. This means you MUST check them out!