“Whatever happens tomorrow, we have today, I’ll always remember it.” -Anne Hathaway

I can’t wait to see this. First, I have to add it to my never ending, growing list of books to read.

It’s been over a month since I last blogged. This is exactly what I hoped would NOT happen with this blog—me straying away from it. Oh well, as long as it doesn’t become a habit. I have to admit, I have been putting off this post for a little, because I know it’s about to be a novel; there’s just so much to discuss! Well, even though it’s been a while, I see that I have somehow still been getting lots of people to view my blog? How does this happen? I have no idea who you people are that give my blog attention, but THANKS! Seriously, that’s awesome. Feel free to let me know who you guys are. :) And in case you’re wondering, no, it does not count my own views to my blog. ;)

Moving along! Where have I been all this time you ask? Well, for starters, I did go a few places! After leaving our friends’ house in Lawton, we then went to visit my grandparents in Buffalo. This trip was full of good food. My Neri (Neri is her name and that is actually what we call her, rather than grandma), loves to cook. Not only does she make food, but amazing food, and in super large quantities. I always feel stuffed in the best way possible. There wasn’t a single morning that I was there where I was not awoken by the smell of fresh cinnamon rolls, bacon, pancakes and other delicious things. I’m honestly getting hungry just thinking about it!

We went to Fort Erie one day for the horse races. It’s always fun placing your bet and seeing if you win. I however, did not have too much luck. I didn’t end up losing any money, but I didn’t profit at all either. We also stopped at the “Fry Truck.” There is a truck that parks on a street in the town and there are big lines for people who come for the fries. They were very good I must say! I do wish that they had buffalo sauce as one of their toppings though. Canadians apparently love vinegar on their fries, something I tried and was not a fan of. (Sidenote: I was looking through pictures after this trip and I realized that I probably have way more pictures eating than the average person does. My sister pointed this out to me as well. Exhibit A: me eating fries above. Not sure how I feel about this new found discovery.)

We also spent a day in Toronto, Canada. I had never been here and thoroughly enjoyed it. I would like one day to go back and spend more time there. It’s such a nice city. It feels like a Canadian New York, but cleaner! I have never been to New York so that is basing it totally off of things that I have heard. There was even a part of the city that looked like Times Square. We went shopping at the famous Eaton Centre. We were lucky enough to be in Toronto on the day that the Pittsburgh Pirates played the Toronto Blue Jays. It also just so happened that my Aunt was in Toronto with her family and they had a hotel suite that was actually part of the stadium. So, we didn’t even have to buy tickets to watch the game!

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Halfway through the game my sister and I realized we had to go to the CN Tower before we left. It’s like going to New York and not going to the Empire State Building or Chicago and not going to the Sears Tower. It’s oh so touristy, but you have to do it while you’re there. The CN Tower is the largest tower in the world and quite frankly, the main reason I wanted to do it was just to say I did it and I was there. It was awesome though and so worth it. You ride this super fast elevator up to the top and can see all these incredible views. They also had a glass floor and you could look down. I am so not a fan of heights and for a while I just kept saying that there was no way I was standing on that glass floor. After about 15 minutes of watching people do cartwheels, kids jumping on them and grown men stomping on them, I realized if anyone is going to fall through, it will be one of them, not me who very carefully slid myself out to the glass floor while still keeping half of my body on the regular floor. After a minute or so of this I realized I was fine and was able to fully sit on it and look down. Wow. We were SO HIGH UP. It was so cool though. We could even see the stadium right through the glass. I was so proud that I had actually made myself do that, so I had my sister take about 10 pictures of me at all different angles so that people could see I was “on the glass.”

After this, we headed to Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is ALWAYS my favorite vacation of the year. My parents grew up here, but moved before my sisters and I were born, but we still have all of our family to go back to. I have been going here every summer since I was born and I started going without my parents when I was 4.  My parents always give my sisters and I the option of Pennsylvania or going somewhere else, like the beach. PA always wins. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the beach, but there is just something about having your family all in one place that I love. I feel lucky because sometimes if people have family that live near them, then they take them for granted. My cousins aren’t just my cousins, but are some of my best friends and I have grown close with some of their friends as well. Fireworks, bonfires, movies, parties, small town, family, sleepovers, adventures, no responsibilities, what could be better?  As always, Pennsylvania did not disappoint this year. It was one of my favorite years yet. It was once again, hard to leave, knowing I may not be back for a full year, but I know it will all be waiting for me once I do go back. I am already counting down the days. (The picture above is of me and my cousins from my dad’s side with my Grandma. It was taken 2 years ago.)

Slow Motion-Third Eye Blind                                        Songs of Summer 2011

Someday- The Strokes

Your New Twin Sized Bed-Death Cab For Cutie

One thing that made leaving easier this year was the fact that I brought back some of my favorite Pennsylvanians with me! My cousin Andrew, Sam and Andrew’s girlfriend Shelby spent a week with me in Georgia. I was able to show them my school in Athens. The rest of our trip can mostly be summed up in a few words: golfcart rides, movies, plethora of board games, camping, TCBY, intense checker games, music, swimming, ikea, baseball game, fishing, and lots of food! It was fun showing them where I’m from since I always go to where they’re from. It was such a great week. Just writing about this makes me miss it. Oh summer, why have you gone away so quickly? Speaking of summer, we watched 500 days of summer while they were here, hence the picture above, and I found out that Zooey Deschanel has a band!  Her band is called She & Him. It is very unique. Here’s one of my favorites: In the Sun

Since then, my summer has been somewhat uneventful. I have finally started to pay my online class a little bit of attention (onto lesson 3-YES!).  I started apartment shopping, which I love, but I’m kind of on the low budget end/totally broke, so it’s a little hard, but hey–my birthday is coming up! I caught up on OTH season 8--I am sorry to myself that I waited so long. I forgot how much I absolutely obsess over/love that show. I finished a puzzle, more like I slaved over this puzzle for a good few days just wanting to finish it. Oh the feeling of accomplishment of placing that one last piece. I read “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell.” For those who have not read this book, go get it and read it right now! This book is beyond hilarious. I made the mistake of reading this book around people and would randomly bust out in full blown laughter and laugh so hard I was crying due to the stories in this book. It really is that funny. Beware though, read it with an open mind. Don’t let it offend you or think about what he’s doing. Of course all the things he does is wrong, it’s still funny. I also watched a lot of movies. At the beginning of summer I decided I would try to write down all the movies I watched this summer and see if I could watch 100. Well, seeing as I haven’t written down probably the past 20 movies I’ve watched, this probably won’t happen, because there is no way I will remember all those. Oh! I also saw the movie Crazy Stupid Love the other day. Ryan Gosling, this is why you’re one of my favorite actors. It’s simple. You’re awesome and stunningly handsome.

I’m pretty sure that picture says it all about him. OH! I also discovered this summer that he’s in a band too? What is it with all these awesome actors/actresses having bands?! It’s called Dead Man’s Bones. Maybe I’m totally late in knowing this, but if anyone out there loves him and didn’t know this then I’m sure it will make your day like it did mine. They’re different, their songs are based off of ghosts and monsters.  They also have a children’s choir in all the songs too. It sounds kinda weird, but give it a shot. I guarantee you it won’t remind you of another band. They’re totally original.                                                           Here’s one of their songs: Pa Pa Power

I went to the Kings of Leon Concert last week. Kings of Leon is/has been one of my favorite bands and they have been on my concert list–the list of bands that I absolutely HAVE to see. They have come to Atlanta too many times where I had to pass the concert up. When I heard about this one I decided this would be the one that I WOULD go to. Was it everything I imagined it to be? Yes. More? Probably. He sounded perfect. Exactly the same live as he did on his CD. It also worked out because Bands of Horses was there too! I love them as well. However, I didn’t end up knowing many of the songs they played at all, but that’s okay, they were still awesome! The only thing I would have changed would have been to be closer. Every time I go to a concert I always push my way so that I’m as close to the front as possible. This time it was not possible since we had lawn seats. It was still an amazing night though. I used to go to a concert and I would be able to say if it was the best one I had been to or not. It’s gotten to the point where I  have seen so many incredible shows that I don’t even know how to rank them anymore. It’s impossible.  But, Kings of Leon was definitely one of my favorites. Definitely did not disappoint.

I’m never going to wait that long to write an entry again. That was hard! I know I probably could have written an individual entry for many of the things up there. I probably didn’t do them all justice, but for now, this will suffice. I feel like I just rambled in half of this, sorry about that.