“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” -Albert Einstein

Ain’t it the truth? ;)

Today I had one of those moments—the kind of moment where you just feel so happy and really have no exact reason to be, you just ARE. It was just one of those “simple” days, but you’re happy for the simplicity and recognize that it really is the little things that make you happy. I realized it as I was with my mom and sisters riding in the remoteness of Lawton, NY headed to the more “urban” Buffalo listening to Norah Jones as everyone sang along. Growing up, if we were traveling, it was either Elton John, Norah Jones or Sarah McLachlan that played. Just hearing these songs makes me feel like I’m headed somewhere. It couldn’t have come on at a better time. When it happened I knew, “This is one of those moments that I will remember.” If i try to bring it up in a few years, heck, even a few months, no one will probably remember what I’m referring to, but I will remember it as a “good moment.”

We were leaving our friends’ house in Lawton, NY today. I realized that it is probably one of the most remote places I have been to before. You have to travel 25 minutes to get to a big store like Walmart. This idea is so foreign to me and at the same time completely excites me. Would I be able to do this? How many things in my daily life would I have to give up/change? I’ve always dreamed of living the city life at some point in my life. I wonder if I’ll ever try the more remote lifestyle. Maybe someday.

Day 3: A picture of the cast from your favorite show.

One Tree Hill will always be one of the best shows in my book. There’s a lot of people who tend to disagree with me on this. I don’t think it’s fair for people to knock it before they try it though. Give it a chance if you haven’t. There is more to this show than appears. For one, the music they play on this show is amazing. Most of the bands I have on my iPod that a lot of people are unfamiliar with comes from this show.  This website (http://www.oth-music.com/) chronicles every song from every episode they’ve ever had. There’s so many inspiring characters on this show. It also doesn’t hurt that EVERYONE on this show is pretty. There’s no such thing as an ugly OTH star. Unfortunately this past year I was unable to watch this past season because the lab for my astronomy class was coincidentally on Tuesdays at 8, the same exact time as OTH OF COURSE! Oh well, I have a whole half season to catch up on!

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