“I’ve carried hope and heavy daydreams…This modern love is not enough.” -Matt Nathanson

Matt Nathanson came out with his new album yesterday! I am beyond excited. He was my  first concert along with Lifehouse (I’ve been lucky enough to see him 3 times and hope for many more!) I think that was 3 years ago this month? I was late getting into the whole concert scene even though I’ve always loved music. I went for Audrey’s birthday, since then we continue to go to most of our concerts together. (Concert Buddies for Life!) I try to go to as many concerts as possible and the only thing that sometimes holds me back is money. I normally end up spending all of my money on concerts, which I’m okay with. Whenever we get older, Audrey, Whitney and I want to open our own concert venue. Whitney and I are both taking our first Music Business class next semester actually! You can’t minor in it at UGA, but you can get a certificate, which is pretty much a minor. It would be great to see that dream come true & I plan on making it happen! But anyways, MATT NATHANSON’S NEW ALBUM!!! It’s awesome! Like seriously, if you love Matt then you’ll love this CD and if you don’t, well, you’ll love this CD anyways! This might be my favorite. I already have my copy of the CD and have been listening to it on repeat. It has no chance of getting old.

This past weekend was good for a lot of reasons: I went to my 2nd Braves game of the season (even though the Braves aren’t really my team [GO PIRATES! :)], they’re always SO much fun!) I visited Audrey at Tech (I’ve always liked visiting Tech and it’s nice to have a little escape from home during the summer that isn’t far away.) I also went to the lake 2 different times. I normally only get to go a few times during the summer, but this time I was lucky enough to go 2 days in a row at 2 different lakes! (I learned I’m not the best jet ski driver and even if I’m driving, I still scream the most/loudest. :/)

I spent my day at the pool today with Whitney. It’s safe to say I’ve hit my “most burnt I’ve been so far this summer.” I used sunscreen, but I was just there so long that it was inevitable I would get burnt. I’m usually pretty good about avoiding that, but not today apparently. We also got home just in time for it to completely POUR down rain. I got to have my first official dancing in the rain experience!

Friday starts my 2 1/2 week vacation.  We will be going to Cincinnati, Buffalo, Toronto and Pennsylvania.  :) I’m pretty excited. Pennsylvania is always my favorite trip of the year and paired with all the other places this year as well, it should be awesome! I may not get to blog during that time, but I shall try (I have a hard time keeping up with this even when I’m at my own house!)

I will be seeing Band of Horses in about a month with Kings of Leon. It just might be one of the best concerts of my life. Just maybe.

I found this the other day. I find different words each time I look at it. My words for right now are: Lust, Maniac and Secrets. Uhhh, not sure how accurate those are, especially the maniac one, but I do think this is kind of cool.