“I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something.” – Edward Everett Hale

If there’s anyone out there who regularly follows my blog, I’m sure there’s a ton of you ;), sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Don’t worry, I haven’t given up on this blog of mine yet!

I have a couple of updates. For one, I dyed my hair!! This was one of those things I wanted to try and hadn’t done before (Unless you count the time Whitney and I temporarily dyed our hair in 7th grade. Mine came out purple and hers orange. Needless to say, it was gone in a week.) I figured summer was the perfect time to try in case another disaster occurred or if I just wasn’t really feeling it. However, I like it! I will go back to my natural color eventually, but for now it’s nice for a change. I had recently gotten my hair cut in April and I had 10 inches cut off. I had NEVER had that much hair cut off and I typically always keep my hair fairly long. I got it cut right above my shoulders and donated it to Locks of Love (currently, my hair is still sitting in my room WAITING to be donated, but we can say donated since it will happen if I ever get an envelope. Don’t worry, I will do it soon!) My younger sister did this a few years ago and ever since she did, I had wanted to try it. I think it is something I will do each time my hair grows long enough to have 10 inches cut off. For those who don’t know what Locks of Love is, it is a non-profit organization that accepts hair donations and they turn it into wigs for children who are undergoing chemotherapy or have other types of diseases that cause them to lose their hair. http://www.locksoflove.org/ If anyone has long hair then I urge you to go for a change and get it chopped off so you can donate!! Their site has all the details on the specifications for donating.  It’s been different going from this to this in less than 2 months.

My second update I have is that our latest foster dog, Sam, got adopted!! I am very happy for her and her new family. They seem very nice and I am sure that she will be happy there. However, I am very sad not to have her around anymore. We had her the longest (almost a month) than any of the other dogs that we have fostered, so I grew a little more attached to her than I have to the others. It has been about a year since we began fostering dogs and we have fostered a total of 6 I believe. I hope we get our next foster dog soon so that he/she can fill the void in our house now that Sam is gone! While I’m talking about Sam, I might as well preach a little bit about the program so that if by some chance someone reads this and likes dogs they can always find a way to help! We used to have a golden retriever named Bailey (who we adopted from GRRA), we had her for 11 years and she passed away when she was 13. Once she was gone, my family was unsure if we were ready for another dog. Instead, we decided to take a different route and began to foster dogs through the program, Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta. GRRA rescues golden retriever dogs from bad situations, if they are lost, or even if their owner can not care for them anymore. However, instead of making all the dogs wait in a pound or shelter until they are adopted, they have families foster the animals. You only have to pay for the dog’s food and toys. All medical bills and everything is covered by GRRA (meaning, donations go a long way!!) I may be biased because of Bailey and all of the other fabulous golden retrievers I have encountered during my life, but to me they are the best dogs out there. Who wouldn’t want to adopt one?! http://www.grra.com/ —->Their website lists all the dogs that are currently available for adoption and information on ways you can help.

(Top picture is Bailey and I and bottom is our first foster dog, Ariel, and I.)

Alright, I promise I am currently done telling you which organizations you should help and such.

“Tell me something sweet to get me by” ♥