“Life is like a shadow, it never stays in one place.” -Augustana









I like this because it tells you not to take things for granted and to also not let things get to you; however, I do think good things can last forever, I don’t think it all has to come to an end.

30 Random Things:

  1. I am an upcoming sophomore at UGA! GO BULLDOGS!!
  2. I am majoring in Journalism with a concentration in magazines.
  3. There are 6 members of my family: my mom and dad, my 2 sisters, me and our cat Nittany.
  4. I LOVE my friends and I think I’m super lucky because I have some of the best.
  5. My family fosters golden retrievers until they find forever homes. This has made me want to foster animals and open a shelter when I get older at some point.
  6. Sometimes I wish I could have multiple lives because some of the things I want to do are so different I’m not sure I will have time/they will be able to tie together.
  7. I love reading a good book that you literally can’t put down.
  8. Going to the movie theater is one of my favorite things; I just wish they weren’t so expensive.
  9. I feel like I’m taken for granted sometimes.
  10. I hoard all of my old magazines. For future reference of course ;)
  11. I want to travel the world. Yes, the whole world. Go big or go home.
  12. I HATE when people interrupt other people or are just flat out rude or stop listening.
  13. I hate mean people or people who make fun of a certain group of people all the time (ex. People who have “fat jokes.”  I don’t think that’s funny at all.)
  14. Music is amazing and I will never get enough of it.  I want to go to as many concerts in my lifetime as I can. & I want to open a concert venue.
  15. My dream guy is either a musician, foreign, an artist of some kind, or a writer.
  16. I wish everyone I cared about lived closer so I could see them all more often.
  17. Playing the Sims 3 is my guilty pleasure.
  18. I want to be fluent in a language other than English.
  19. I think WAY too much and overanalyze a lot of things.
  20. I remember a LOT of my dreams and they’re always very vivid.
  21. I love chocolate and buffalo sauce.
  22. I HATE cheese.
  23. I don’t understand why a lot of things happen to certain people (good things happening to bad people, bad things happening to good people. It doesn’t make sense.)  However, I firmly believe for those bad people, what goes around comes around.
  24. I love the Steelers!
  25. I can’t wait to have a real job and get started on my career.
  26. Ashton Kutcher and Rachel McAdams are my favorite actor/actress. (AND Ashton Kutcher is going to marry me, he just doesn’t know it yet ;)
  27. I absolutely cannot wait to get married/get engaged/fall in love, all those things.
  28. I wish school focused more on the learning aspect instead of the grades aspect. I feel that many times lessons are rushed so that we “have time” for everything and then people are inclined to just memorize the info without fully grasping it (guilty).
  29. I love reading a good quote/good lyric. I write down all the good ones I see when I’m out and about.
  30. I wish more people cared about the environment/I helped it more.

Some of the pictures didn’t line up, I’ll leave it to you to figure out which one goes with which fact. :)

I started reading the book Eat, Pray, Love today. I saw the movie this past year without reading the book, I try not to see movies before I read the book too often. It’s always a little different when you do it in this order. I loved the movie though and am excited to read this book. Throughout high school I would be reading 2 or 3 books at a time. I would take one to class everyday and finish it rather quickly. However, when college came around, I found that I NEVER had time to do any free reading. I think I was only able to read 5 books this whole year. I’m excited to be reading my first book for pleasure this summer! I have many more on the list after this. I would like to finish A Million Little Pieces and also begin the latest Sarah Dessen book, which came out this summer. Those are the next 2 books on my list.

^^ I want to watch Augustana perform in a desert!! I saw them perform 2 weeks ago for the first time and they were amazing! I listened to them mostly in 8th and 9th grade and then kind of stopped, until these past few months when I haven’t been able to get enough. I will be seeing them again in August with another one of my favorites: Jack’s Mannequin and also a band which I am beginning to know and love: Guster. :)