“Life is a dream that has to be lived.”

Well, it’s official. I no longer have the Weeping Willow tree outside my window anymore. :( We had a bad storm last Tuesday and it broke parts of the tree’s branches off, which made a lot of the leaves start dying. Since it was dead, someone came out to chop the remainder of the tree down yesterday. You may be wondering why I’m talking about a tree, but I loved this tree. Whenever I opened the blinds to my room I would look out and just see a humongous tree. It was the best whenever it rained, because the tree would look extra green and have rain drops all over the leaves. It also blocked out a lot of the sun which was nice. It was my Grandmother Willow tree.

Colors of the Wind-Pocahontas(THROWBACK! I mean, who didn’t go around the house singing this song in their Pocahontas bathing suits pretending to have Meeko the raccoon following you? Couldn’t have just been me.)


I went to this awesome little town, Serenbe, this weekend. It is a town that is centered around sustainability and a lot of the things are made directly in the town. People grow their own foods there and then sell it in the town. The cool thing about it though is that it is super modern. It is not an old-fashioned town or anything (even though, those are nice too.) This town was very artsy with a few galleries, cute little antique shops and bakeries. Technically you would have everything you would need without ever leaving your little community. It has been featured in various articles across the country. This place is only about 30 minutes from my house, but until yesterday, I had no idea it even existed! http://www.serenbe.com/ —-> Their website tells everything about their little town. It really is a very cool idea. My friend, Whitney, and I decided we want to live the “Serenbe life” whenever we get older.

This is an example of a cottage in Serenbe. I think it would be SO COOL to live here at some point in my life. I say at some point, because I find myself wanting to live in so many different places. I suppose this means that I will just have to try them all out at one point or another!

Other places that really appeal to me are: the city (New York would be ideal), I want to live that city life where you walk everywhere (aside from the occasional taxi ride when you HAVE to), and live in an amazing loft (the kind with bricks on the walls, and cement floors, and whole walls full of windows.) I would like to be a Magazine Editor once I complete college, and I think the city would have a lot to offer for this career track (obviously).

I also would love to live on a beach at some point. In a quaint little beach town. I would probably have to buy a bike with a basket so that I could fit in with all the other locals. I would still refuse to eat fish though, even if I did live right by the water. This will probably not take place until I am retired. I don’t really picture living the beach life while still having a job.

Europe is also on my list of places to live. I couldn’t tell you which country, because I have never been. I do know that I want to visit: France, England, Ireland, Italy, Sweden,  Germany, Greece, Spain, and Switzerland (Finland, the Netherlands, Denmark and Iceland would be nice as well.) One of the reasons Europe appeals to me so much is that there is so much culture there. Just think: you could be in a country surrounded on all sides by other countries that have whole different cultures and languages. It’s like being in a totally different world. Also, there is so much history in Europe. Everything there dates back to antiquity and beyond. I think in order to get the full “European experience” that I crave, I will have to live there, not just visit.  If I choose to study abroad at some point in college. Whether it be for a full semester or a summer, I will hopefully be able to see many of these countries on my list. Italy, France and England all appeal to me the most (who says you can’t do all 3?) I was planning to go to Europe this current summer, but because of money (I didn’t save nearly enough) and because everyone sort of went there own ways this summer (summer classes, work, study abroad,) I will not be going. One day I will be there!

I started off this post thinking I would just discuss the Weeping Willow tree, but instead my mind wandered off to many different topics. I will probably read this tomorrow when I’m not as tired and see how much I rambled, but for now, this shall do.

I leave you with one of my favorites: