“It becomes increasingly easy, as you get older, to drown in nostalgia.” -Ted Koppel

Tonight was nostalgic in so many ways. There I was with two friends from high school, cruising down the road, music blasting to one of our favorite songs from high school (\”This is the End\”-The Maine), with the sun roof down. The three of us have not been together many times since we’ve entered college. Even though time has passed, it is still familiar. We had just left dinner with another one of our friends at one of our “spots” that we regularly attended throughout our high school years (the 4 of us call ourselves the sisterhood-original, I know.) On top of this, it was one of the first nights of the year that truly felt like “summer.” Sun roofs in general just scream summer to me. I think summer in itself tends to bring about feelings of reflection, because it causes you to think of previous summers. So many things change summer to summer, but so many things stay the same. I already know that I will spend many days at the pool, many days on golf cart rides, and part of my summer in Pennsylvania. These things never change. It is these things that make my summer, summer to me.

Another reason nostalgia seemed to hit was the fact that it has been exactly a year since I graduated from high school.

A day that was so important to me last year is that important to someone else this year. In ways, it seems like just yesterday. I can literally tell you what I wore, what I did and what I ate that day. In other ways, I can’t believe that I have ONLY been graduated for a year. I could not even begin to fathom going back to high school. Things have changed so much and so quickly. I guess that’s what happens when you become totally immersed in a completely new environment with brand new people and live there for a year. I used to think of the word “change” with such a negative connotation, but I can honestly say that change has been nothing but good in my life this past year.

Thinking about the past can only lead me to think about the future. Where will I be next year at this time? How different will I be then from how I am now?  What will have changed? I do not worry about the answers, but I can not help to wonder about them.

Sidenote: At the Beginning-Richard Marx and Donna Lewis (I was at Target a couple weeks ago and the DVD “Anastasia” was on sale for $5, so I decided to buy it. I watched it tonight [NOSTALGIA AGAIN] and this song played in the credits. I thought it was appropriate for this post, plus it’s just catchy.)